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Icona Management is fuelled by a passion to lead our artists along their unique roads to success. Our agents have been in the industry and understand what it takes to make an impact. We get to know our artists, so we can help them achieve their aspirations.


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About us

Who we are

Icona Management is a South London-based talent agency representing two divisions: Icona Kids aged 0-15, and Icona Young Adults aged 16-26 years.

Icona Kids and Icona Young Adults work across a wide range of assignments, including commercials, TV, film, stage and photographic.  

Icona’s founder and managing director is a professional actor with over a decade of experience working with casting directors, directors and photographers, on both sides of the camera in the UK and America.

Specifically to Icona Kids, she separately has extensive experience of working with children, particularly within the context of performing arts. It is this combination that sets Icona Kids apart from other children's talent agency divisions.

What we need from Icona Kids and parents

It is critical that Icona Kids and their parents have a genuine interest in and commitment to working in the industry.

When you first approach Icona please be prepared to supply at least one photograph and/or some media. If your child is over 4 years old and is then accepted as an Icona Kid, we will need you to provide us with professional (or professional-looking) head and full length shots and to obtain Spotlight membership within four weeks of signing a contract with us. For children under 4 years old will require the photographs but not Spotlight membership.


Once a contract is signed Icona will put your child forward for all assignments for which he/she meet the criteria. Invitations to castings are often at short notice and so it is critical that parents keep us informed of changes and updates to their child’s availability, profile or look.

What we offer to Icona Kids and parents

Unlike many other agencies, all potentially suitable Icona Kids (and parents) aged over 1 year old are usually met face-to-face and assessed before they are offered a contract (babies under 1 may be assessed purely based on photographs and the other babies we have within the agency at that time). This means that we know all Icona Kids personally and can tailor future applications on their behalf, confident in the knowledge that they are suitable for the roles in question.

Although Icona has a diverse pool of talent, we only ever take on children for whom we are confident we can secure work. We also keep our numbers low enough to ensure each Icona Kid is able to get sufficient attention from our team.


Once they become an Icona Kid, we will put your child’s profile in front of casting directors and provide you and your child with tailored coaching and tips ahead of the casting itself.  The vast majority of work will be based in London.

How does Icona get paid?

Almost uniquely, Icona does not charge an ‘administration’ or other hidden fees to either division. Instead, Icona earns solely from commission: we take a standard 25% commission on all fees for the job our Icona Kids secure. As we do not charge any upfront fees, it is clearly in Icona’s best interests to secure work for your child.  

The commission structure for our artists aged over 21 is in line with standard UK agency commissions.